Uzbekistan – Mosaics of Past Glory

Huangshan: Feeling Yellow?

Yantai: Sun, Sand and Cab Sav









Olympic Ticketing Chaos

The sale of Olympic tickets has been suspended less than 24 hours of Round Two of the booking process getting underway. The reasons, summarised by the China Daily, run as follows: “…the booking system crashed, phone lines jammed and serpentine queues formed at banks.” In short, demand was high.No doubt this is true. The problem is the utterly mendacious comments we heard yesterday as the booking system began to groan and creak: “We had tested the booking system several times, but the number of buyers are still out of our expectations,” said Xu Chen, head of the Olympic affairs   [ read more ]

Luang Prabang: Don’t Call Me Boutique

Beihai: In Search of Old Pakhoi

China: Take it as Red








Discover Port Stephens Australia

Did you know that Port Stephens is called the “blue water paradise”? This is mainly because the place is rich with wonderful bodies of water. It is at New South Wales and only a couple of hours travel from north of Sydney. Beaches in the area are known to be sandy, white and above all very clean. With this, vacationers or travelers don’t have to worry about the safety of going into these waters. The place continues to be a top option for travelers who wanted to have a great time during their vacation or holidays. This could be proven by its vibrant tourism.

There are certainly a lot of reasons why you have to visit Port Stephens any time of the year. As you discover the place more, your accommodation will never be a problem. You could choose to go for hotels, resorts, villas, cottages and other types of accommodation offered in the area.

If you have your eyes on Nelson Bay which is a suburb of Port Stephens, you don’t have to worry about you accommodation. Here is an excellent website of hotels where you could stay while enjoying the wonders of Nelson Bay.


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